Law Enforcement Training



DETECT Programs

There is a growing demand from the public for greater accountability from law enforcement agencies regarding the quality of service and the manner in which these services are provided.

There is also a growing need for law enforcement agencies and organizations to provide thorough, professional and ethical services that are both transparent and accountable. If the community respects law enforcement agencies and personnel and know that reported crime will be investigated in a thorough and professional manner, then the community will be more likely to respect the law and assist officials during investigations.

Many developing countries face the difficult challenge of providing credible and reliable law enforcement services and personnel. In addition to the oft-cited “lack of resources”, this may be due to recent or ongoing civil unrest, lack of training and skills, lack of ethics or lack of effective policies and procedures. Some of these issues can be addressed by providing training to agencies and personnel that is practical and relevant and can be validated, monitored and updated.

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