Law Enforcement Training


PROTECT Programs

Improving the security of isolated terrestrial and marine areas and remote porous borders is an issue that not only has national importance but has implications for regional security and stability. The undetected movement of persons and material across borders is a continuing threat to law and order at the international level. Many of these remote areas and border locations are a highway and hide-away for:

  • Poaching and the illegal trafficking in flora and fauna
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing and trafficking
  • Terrorism
  • Clandestine movement of persons of interest
  • Avoidance of customs and import taxes by illegal movement of contraband

Unfortunately, while other projects are addressing the improvement of the criminal justice system at the political and senior management level, there is little being done to improve the effectiveness and capability of those officers serving in remote field locations. Too often, the unit in which these officers serve are without formal training, poorly resourced and operate independently in rugged, remote areas with little or no assistance and oversight from national headquarters.




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