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protect-marine-bluePROTECT Marine

This 18-day course is designed to train and qualify the law enforcement officers or civilian technical advisors in the basic skills required for marine enforcement techniques in coastal waters. The course is focused on Government personnel officially mandated to conduct enforcement operations in coastal, littoral and open-water Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

The course provides both basic and advanced-level training for Maritime Enforcement Officers whom are directly involved in support of the frontline protection of natural resources in coastal and Marine Protected Areas, as well as riverine areas.

Course options include a week-plus scuba-diving course as well as training in underwater crime scene investigations.

Course modules

  • Induction and Overview of Maritime Crimes
  • Team Building / Human Rights / Use of Force / Leadership
  • Water Survival and First Aid
  • Small Craft Overview and Maintenance
  • Safety Equipment and Processes
  • Threat Assessments and Investigations
  • Maritime Navigation Classes and Practices
  • Marine Patrolling Operations and Tactics
  • Coastal Terrestrial Patrolling Operations and Tactics
  • Vessel Interdiction and Boarding
  • Field Exercise (Summative Assessment)
  • Optional – Basic scuba-dive course
  • Optional – Underwater Crime Scene Investigation Course

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