Law Enforcement Training


PROTECT Special Response Group

PROTECT – Special Response Group course is an intense 60-day competency based training designed to deliver specially selected field patrolling officers the skills to be an effective member of a special response and training team. The course also teaches candidates how to develop and implement training including methods of instruction in the classroom and field environment (train-the-trainer).

This course is an intensive eight-week theory and practical competency based training. The average instructional day will start at 05:30 hrs and finish at 21:00 hrs.

Modules include:

  • Protection and Enforcement
  • Remote First Aid
  • Method of Instruction, Training Program Development (T2)
  • Junior Command, Leadership, Management
  • Advanced Patrol Techniques and Field Craft
  • Intelligence Theory
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Investigations
  • Tactical Patrolling Operations
  • Terrestrial and Maritime Navigation
  • Small Boat Handling
  • Maritime Tactical Patrol Operations
  • Open Water Dive Course
  • Rappelling and Fast Roping
  • Terrestrial and Marine Operation (Final Assessment)

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